Sex doll prices. Real cost to own a sex doll.

sex doll prices

Sex doll prices vary quite a bit. The main variables that determine the cost of a sex doll are:

Material. Silicone dolls are usually much more expensive than TPE ones.

Height. The taller the doll, the bigger the shipping box is. Bigger shipment boxes cost more to ship and that is one of the main factors that causes tall sex dolls to be more expensive.

Weight. Not only does a heavy doll take a lot more materials to be manufactured, the shipment costs increase by quite a bit because couriers like FedEx or UPS charge not only by the size of the package but also by the weight. For that reason, the heavier dolls can get expensive.



TPE Sex dolls

Very soft TPE sex doll prices heavily depend on their manufacturer and height, weight. Usually they cost around $1499 – $1799 without customization.

Below you can see usual woman-sized sex doll prices from the most popular manufacturer – WM Doll:

154cm H Cup #454 WM Doll (5ft0)

Original price was: 2,139.00 $.Current price is: 1,599.00 $.

175cm D Cup WM #382 head (5ft9)

Original price was: 2,539.00 $.Current price is: 1,899.00 $.

Abigail 166cm C Cup Teen (5ft4)

Original price was: 2,249.00 $.Current price is: 1,699.00 $.

Ada 164cm F Cup #334 Head WM (5ft4)

Original price was: 2,269.00 $.Current price is: 1,699.00 $.

Adalee 172cm D Cup Head #159 WM (5ft8)

Original price was: 2,399.00 $.Current price is: 1,799.00 $.

Silicone Sex dolls

As mentioned previously, silicone sex doll prices are higher and some times few times higher than the prices of TPE sex dolls . Usually these dolls cost around $2199 – $3199 without customization.

For example, Sino dolls are reasonably priced when it comes to regular life-size silicone sex dolls:

However, if you’re searching for something ultra-realistic, the cost of a sex doll can be very high. Let’s take Top-Sino sex dolls as an example:


Customization increases the price

Sex dolls can come regular “as in photos” or customized. Please note that customized sex dolls are more expensive as the additional functionality requires extra work to implement in a sex doll. Changing the original head, wig or eyes does not cost extra. However, other options can increase the price of a sex doll by quite a bit.

Options like: breasts with soft gel inside, finger joint upgrade, enhanced mouth, moaning system, heating system etc. all cost additionally.

From our experience, sex doll prices that customers usually pay for a TPE sex doll amount to around $2000. While a typical order for a silicone order cost is around $3000.



Price Trends and the Future

Recently, the prices of sex dolls have been fluctuating by quite a bit. The price fluctuation was caused by the global events like the pandemic and war in Ukraine, which increased the courier shipping costs and in-turn increased the prices of sex dolls and their shipment worldwide.

However, once things settle down, the future of sex doll prices is bright.

In the future, a regular full-sized sex doll price is expected to decrease. However, it is expected that this will mainly be caused by the arrival of more advanced and therefore desirable sex robots.

sex doll prices - sex robot

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