How to take care of your Silicone sex doll?

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This guide was written in close collaboration with the Sino doll factory and is created for dolls that are made from silicone material, there is also a different guide for dolls that are made from TPE. Please make sure from which material your doll is made of so you would use the correct guide. If you want to see a guide for TPE doll, click here.



You will need:



These three items above can be purchased here:

Antiseptic Dettol Liquid Soap

Baby powder

Powder brush

The First Day is very important


  • On arrival, please inspect your doll to see if she arrived safely with no damage to the package or to her head & body.
  • Once the inspection is done, please wash your silicone girl to remove the production residue.



Washing your Silicone Sex Doll that has Smooth, R+S or RRS effects


  • When washing your girl, do not use soap on her skin. Soap would decrease the longevity of the realistic effects. To clean her, please use warm water & a microfiber cloth and gently rub whole of her body down.
  • Keep an eye on her skin and the microfiber cloth to make sure the color is not rubbing off. Repeat the process several times or until you feel that her skin is clean.
  • If there is dirt that does not want to wash off with only water, you can use a bit of mild soap, however try to use it very sparingly.
  • During cleaning process, wash the microfiber cloth in the sink often, using soap and water, to rinse out the production residue that has accumulated in the microfiber cloth.



Washing your Silicone Sex Doll without Smooth, R+S or RRS effects


  • If your doll does not have smooth, R+S or RRS effects, to wash her, please use a microfiber cloth to apply soap and water and rub her very gently to remove residue (don’t be rough!). Repeat the procedure 5-6 times to make sure production residue is completely cleaned off.



General washing tips:


  • When cleaning, it’s is not needed to carry her to the bathroom. Place one thick or few thinner blankets on the floor to absorb the water, and lay her on top of the blankets when cleaning.
  • Don’t allow water to get to her neck screw or to her standing feet bolts (if she has them). Water can make these metal parts start to rust!
  • Don’t submerge your doll underwater!
  • Only dolls without metal bolts on her feet can take a shower, however, make sure not to allow any water to go on her head or her neck seam.
  • Do not build water pressure in any of her orifices as this might damage them.
  • Avoid washing areas like eyebrows, areolas and her face as washing those areas would decrease the make-up’s color longevity.



Silicone Skin care


  • Silicone requires less maintenance compared to TPE and does not require regular oil treatment.
  • After washing her, the skin of your doll might get sticky to the touch. To avoid this, use a large “powder make-up brush” to powder her skin with Baby Powder/Corn starch or Cornflour.
  • Note: Even when owning a silicone doll, it is normal to see oil leakage on the doll’s skin after a longer time of storage.



Stain prevention & removal


  • Be careful of different materials containing dyes, inks as they can transfer color to the skin of your doll. Avoid things like: newspapers, dark-colored or leather materials and surfaces (leather couches, leather wheelchairs) or other materials that contain oil-soluble pigments.
  • It is very important to always pre-wash new clothing before putting them on your doll to avoid staining the silicone. Black tight clothing is especially staining and should be left on a girl very cautiously.
  • When clothing her with new clothes for the first time, periodically check for staining marks. If the clothing stains, remove it and wash it in the washing machine on a higher temperature cycle to remove the dyes.
  • Silicone has a natural ability to absorb dyes and fade them. If your doll got stained, allow some time to pass for the dyes to fade and in a few weeks the discoloration should disappear on it’s own.



Silicone Vagina, Oral and Anal care


  • Your sex doll’s orifices should be cleaned thoroughly after every use in the bedroom, shower or bath using mild antimicrobial soap.
  • Sino factory recommends using “Dettol Antiseptic Liquid” soap to clean and disinfect her orifices. A link is present at the top of this guide which links to Dettol soap found on
  • To clean a doll’s mouth, it is recommended to take the head off the doll off and carry the head to the shower. Then, take the shower head off and using the concentrated current to rinse the inside of her mouth.
  • Once her mouth is rinsed, soap up your pointer finger and your middle finger and put both of them inside her mouth and try to reach as far as is safely possible to soap up all of her oral cavity. Once that is done, rinse her mouth again and repeat the procedure if needed.


Silicone drying tips:


  • When drying your doll, try to avoid rubbing her with a towel, especially if she has hyperrealism painting or smooth matte effect. A good technique would be to pat her with a towel until she’s dry.
  • Make sure to dry the doll’s orifices completely to avoid humidity.
  • To dry her orifices off, we recommend to use the paper towel technique: Fold several pieces of paper towels into a cylindrical or long rectangular shape and place the paper towels in all of her orifices that are wet. Allow several minutes for the paper towels to absorb the humidity.
  • After a few minutes have passed, replace the paper towels with new dry ones and repeat the procedure. Usually, doing this twice is enough to dry off the orifices of the doll. However, just to be safe, do a third round of paper towels and leave them inside of her orifices only to be removed before intercourse.
  • When using paper towel technique, it is recommended to keep the doll in a standing position so that the gravity pulls water down so that the paper towels can absorb it.
  • Be very careful to avoid her falling down. To be safe, stand her up in a corner of the room, with her back leaning to the corner.
  • Other alternatives to paper towels are tampons. Simply place a tampon inside of the wet orifice and allow it to absorb the moisture. Repeat twice or until the tampons that are removed are no longer wet.



Sino doll: correct joint movement

To make your Sino dolls last as long as possible, it is highly recommended to understand how the joints of the girl work and how to properly move and rotate the joints to avoid damage to them. See video demonstration below on how to move joints:

Silicone posing & storage


  • Do not leave your doll posing while you are away, as the stress placed on the Silicone, after a longer time, may cause tearing. If you’re not using her, return her back to a neutral position, with her arms down her sides, her legs closed and her body straight.
  • It is safe to leave a doll standing however, pose her so that she leans onto a wall (a corner of a room works great) so that she does not risk falling down.
  • If your doll has standing feet and is standing, make sure the bottom of the feet fully touches the ground (not just the heel or just the ball of her foot).
  • Silicone is soft and may be subject to flattening and creasing if left sitting or laying in one position on a hard surface for a long time. Make sure the doll is laying or sitting on a soft surface (the softer the better) to avoid flattening and creasing. Another solution is to hang her up using a closet bar hook or suspension kit.
  • Never drag a doll by her hands or feet. Always use a “bear hug” or “arms carry” technique to safely move your doll around.
  • Keep her out of direct sunlight.



Final tips:


  • Protect her eyelashes. They are very delicate and can come off. If they come off, it’s safe to use regular super glue to carefully glue them back on.
  • Please do not apply excessive force to her hands and fingers. Especially, please make sure excessive force doesn’t get applied to the areas where her hands meet her thumbs.
  • If a particular limb is stiffer than the others, please flex the stiff joint as much as it is needed to loosen it up to the level of others joints.
  • Don’t use alcohol or products that have alcohol as an ingredient (perfume usually has it). Instead, go for alcohol free alternatives.
  • Only use recommended products to take care of your doll to avoid damaging her.


We hope you found this information useful and we wish you and your doll to have a relationship that is going to last forever!

If you have any additional questions or suggestions on how we can improve this guide, please contact us at [email protected] or message us using the Live Chat widget on the bottom right of the website.


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