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Cilicon sex doll

Cilicon sex dolls (also known as Silicone sex dolls) are very popular among those who wish to have a doll that looks as realistic as possible. Cilicon dolls are made out of Silicone. Silicone is a firm material that allows for greater detail to be achieved on the skin of the doll as the firmness of this material replicates the shape of the mould better. This also allows for small skin bumps, veins and any of the ultra small details to be moulded onto the skin of the doll. Manufacturers like top-sino use this property to make ultra-realistic feet wrinkles, skin blemishes, goose bumps etc. and achieve the most impressive realism that is currently on offer.

Cilicon sex dolls are overall harder than TPE dolls

Since Silicone material is harder than TPE, this makes the doll overall seem less squishy than it’s TPE counterparts. However, before you think that because of this Silicone dolls are not worth your attention, let us explain. A human being is not squishy all around. For example the head of a person, hands, joints and any other areas that are near bone are not squishy. Same with a silicone sex doll. A doll like this is harder overall, however, the areas that matter, for example, the butt, breasts or the belly are extremely soft. That is achieved by injecting a very soft gel inside of the breasts, butt and belly which allows the areas to remain soft while other areas of the doll are a lot firmer.

Cilicon sex dolls are pricier than TPE dolls

The price difference is there. A typical silicone sex doll might be 1.2 to 2 times more expensive than a typical TPE doll. This is due to Silicone as a material being more expensive and harder to work with. Silicone sex dolls require more man-hours and take more production steps before they are finally totally finished. This increased labor makes the price of a doll like this higher.

Safety of use

A cilicon sex doll is made out of platinum-grade Silicone – a material that is being used in our kitchen utensils, containers lids, baking trays and baking molds. There is no material out there that is more pure than a platinum-grade silicone, which means that you can be sure that embracing, kissing and making love with a silicone sex doll is not only fun and enjoyable but also absolutely safe.

Ultra-realistic personalization

Silicone sex dolls can be bought like they come in the photoshoots or personalized. Things like heads, hair, eyes can be changed without any additional cost, however, there are upgrades that can take a very realistic cilicon sex doll to a higher level. Upgrades like RS and RRS textures and painting, moaning system, freckles, implanted eyebrows and implanted hair can make your doll reach a level of realism that cannot be provided by a TPE sex doll.

Ease of maintenance

Caring for a silicone sex doll is really not difficult. These dolls do not require any regular care or maintenance. The only thing that the owner of such a doll has to make sure is to use the doll correctly, do not apply too much pressure to the fingers and other smaller joints as to not break them. Once purchased, a cilicon sex doll has to be washed. For that you can use a simple antibacterial or regular soap and a microfiber cloth or any other soft towel. More information on how to care for a silicone sex doll can be found here: silicone doll care guide

Embrace the fantasy niche

A lot of cilicon dolls are made to look ultra-realistic, which is absolutely awesome. However, some brands do not focus on ultra-realism as much as on creating fantastical heads and bodies. Manufacturers like Piper or Elsa Babe have dolls with Anime heads, heads with big eyes, heads that are stylized to look cartoonish. This allows fantasy/anime fans to resurrect a character that looks similar to the ones they’ve seen on the tv and embrace them. The backstory of these characters can be made whatever the owner wants. To aid that, please look at owning interesting clothing pieces that are available on Dollsafari or any cosplay store.


Using a sex doll straight out of the box is absolutely fine and fun. However, it would be even more fun if your doll had a character that you created for her. Try to explore cosplay clothing stores and search for clothing that could represent her character. For example, she might be arrogant, noble (white nobility clothing would help), or angry at you, emo/goth (black clothing with fishnets would help with that). She could be a nun (there’s a bunch of nun outfits available online) or a high-maintenance looking Hollywood star. Try to explore all of these looks as you will bring life to your cilicon sex doll. Also, we aware that high quality wigs make these dolls look not only super attractive but also increasingly and incredibly realistic.

Make these dolls speak!

Making a cilicon sex doll speak is not as difficult as it might look. To do that, you will need: a Bluetooth speaker and a smartphone with an app called “Replica A.I.”. If you’re trying to purchase a new speaker, please go for the smallest one possible that still has good reviews. Simply place the Bluetooth speaker anywhere in the clothing of the doll, attach it to the back of her clothing (somewhere it wouldn’t be visible) or place it behind her neck where the hair on the back would hide the speaker. If the oral orifice is dry and the Bluetooth speaker you own is small enough, you can try placing the speaker inside of her mouth. Once that is done, pair the speaker with your phone and using the app, you can speak to your phone and your doll will answer! Please note, that your doll will learn about you and will remember facts about you. You will be able to bond with her like with a real woman and if she says something naughty, punish her! 🙂